Are you feeling stuck, lost in life and like you're just existing?


 Have you been thrown into a life change unexpectedly? 



The Propel Yourself Club

A 12 month enrolment to clarity, courage, resilience, community & change!

This is not just an online course, it’s a club for women who are on a mission to not only navigate change with ease & grace,
but to grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually as a result. 

This club is for women who:
• Want to embrace change to transform themselves and their lives
• Are feeling frustrated, confused and overwhelmed at the thought of change and life transitions
• Looking for a supportive private community of women being more bold, building resilience, setting boundaries and becoming fearless.

What if in a 12 months you could transform yourself & your life?
What would that FEEL like?
Who would you BE?

You are making more bold choices that aligned with your true self, your desires
 - no more feeling drained & conflicted!

You have clarity of the direction your life is heading in & you have more peace, purpose and flow in your day to day. 

You have improved your work life, relationships & life balance because you're setting more boundaries!

Enrolment is currently closed, please register your interest for the next intake.


12 month’s access to The Propel Yourself Club including the “4 Steps to Embrace Change” webinar series PLUS a library of past and growing resources grouped into key themes for your change journey.

• 12 month’s access to an amazing private community of like-minded women who are also changing themselves and their lives. Make new friends, build your network, ask for support and share your wins! Catch me inside the community where I answer your questions and interact with everyone!

• Two live 90-minute group coaching sessions per month - join me live and get on the list to receive hot-seat coaching

• One 60-Minute live training webinar per month where I walk you through all facets, stages and emotions of initiating and experiencing change in your life.

• A monthly live “Book Club” event at the end of each month. It’s a great chance to mingle with other members, make new connections and discuss your insights in small groups. Bring your cocktail (or mocktail)!

Plus you'll also get:

The opportunity to register for an “accountability buddy” that is also going through the program and propelling themselves through change.
You’ll get to support and be supported by a fellow “change-maker”.

Enrolment is currently closed, please register your interest for the next intake.